IWG is a world leading supplier of online, instant win games to lotteries and commercial platforms on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Our games have performed consistently at the highest level, engaging and retaining players and driving growth for our customers.

about IWG

IWG have over 10 years experience of making top-selling, high quality instants and the strategic know how to make them work. We provide a full service to our customers and partners, from strategy and consultancy to design and build.

As well as delivering proven mechanics and successful themes across original and branded content, we strive to innovate and keep pushing the boundaries of instant win gaming. Our games are designed, built and tested to work on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

We have the ability to deliver a successful portfolio of games and the experience to make it grow. Our content and services are currently being utilised by lotteries and commercial platforms across Europe and North America and we can localise our content quickly and easily making our portfolio readily available to any new market.

We offer an end-to-end solution covering all aspects of game development and portfolio management and our range of experience covers every aspect of instant win gaming.

We have a growing library of instant win games available across many proven themes and mechanics and we partner with some of the leading platform providers in the industry.

At IWG we are constantly developing new game themes and mechanics ensuring our games stay at the leading edge. Our games are designed and built to work in standard desktop browsers as well as in HTML 5 making them ready to go on mobile and tablet.

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